Methadone Treatment: available / Buprenorphine Treatment: available

Substitution treatment is provided on a large scale. A patient’s home prescriber can either get in touch with a treatment center directly or contact the medical officer in charge at the Comunidad Autonoma of the region (regional government) the patient intends to visit. The health officer would be prepared to provide the name and address of a treatment center closest to the place of travel. A list of all regional health authorities and most substitution treatment services (“centros de dispensacíon de metadona” or “programas de metadona”) is available free of charge on the web site of the

Plan Nacional Sobre Drogas
. The following
information should be provided to the medical officer or the
dispensing unit under consideration (by phone, fax or letter):

  • number of patients needing continued methadone/buprenorphine treatment and the place of travel;
  • name and first name of the patient(s);
  • daily methadone dosage (in mg) and number
    of takeaways;
  • exact dates of arrival and departure;
  • address of the prescribing doctor or clinic plus phone and fax number(s).

Importation of Methadone or


Travellers wishing to bring methadone or buprenorphine into Spain for personal use as medication must carry with them a letter from their prescribing doctor or clinic clearly stating that the patient requires methadone/buprenorphine for the treatment of a medical condition. The letter should be certified by a Spanish embassy or consulate. Note: Residents from one of the EU signatory countries of the Schengen Implementing Convention, Article 75 must have a “Certification to carry drugs and/or psychotropic substances for treatment purposes – Schengen Implementing Convention, Article 75” form when travelling to Spain.

Contact Addresses:

Plan Nacional Sobre Drogas
The contact details of opioid substitution treatment centers can be accessed on this page by
selecting the region in question (comunidad autonomica) and the relevant area (provincia).
Finally click on the map or on “Buscar”.

 Please send corrections, additional addresses or anycomments to:

Ralf Gerlach
Bremer Platz 18-20
D-48155 Münster
Phone: +49 251-60123 or +49 2571-582765
Fax: +49 251-666580


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