Methadone/Buprenorphine Treatment: not available

Importation of Methadone/Buprenorphine: possible

Travellers are required to apply for authorisation from the Health Products Regulation Group, Health Sciences Authority (HSA), Singapore, before your travel to Singapore.To apply for authorisation, download this application form and submit the completed form at least ten working days before your arrival date.

The following documents and information are required to be submitted with your application:

a) Names and dosages of the medicines (both trade/brand names and names of active ingredients contained in the products)

b) Total quantity of each type of medicines that will be brought into Singapore

c) Your doctor’s letter or medical prescription verifying for the need of the medicines

d) Your flight details and intended length of stay in Singapore

e) Your passport particulars and contact details (address, fax number and/or email)

The HSA  send a  return letter by email or fax which needs to be shown at customs upon arrival in Singapore The traveller must also carry with him/her a medical certificate issued by the relevant (regional/local) health authority of the patient’s country of origin to substantiate that he/she is on a methadone/buprenorphine program.

The HSA recommends that the duration of stay for such persons should not exceed two weeks. Special consideration could be given for longer length of stay when detailed reasons will be brought forward.

Contact Address:

Audit and Licensing
Health Products Regulation Group
Health Sciences Authority
150 Cantonment Road, Cantonment Centre
Blk A, #01-02,
Singapore 089762
Fax: +65 64789068

 (This page last revised and updated February 28, 2011)