Methadone Treatment: not available

Importation of Methadone: (theoretically) possible

Travellers wishing to bring methadone into Kenya for personal use as medication must apply for an import permit at the Ministry of Health several months before their intended journey. It is necessary to enclose a certificate from the prescribing home doctor/clinic with detailed info on the patients history of drug use and treatment. Also, a
contact address of a doctor in Kenya (who would be prepared to supervise treatment) must be provided. So far no experiences can be reported. Moreover, supposing the Ministry granted an import permit it cannot be foreseen whether the immigration and security authorities would accept such an allowance.

Contact Address: any Kenyan diplomatic mission or

Ministry of Health
Department of Medical Services
P.O. Box 30016
Phone: +254 2 717077
Fax: +254 715239



(Info last updated August 28, 1998)