Korea (South)

 Korea, South

Methadone is not available on the pharmaceutical market. However, under exceptional circumstances methadone patients seeking to travel to South Korea may get permission to do so. They must contact a Korean embassy or consulate at least three months in advance of the prospective journey and produce the following documents: a transfer report, stating the patient’s name and age, the date of travel to and destinations in Korea, the name of the doctor in charge of methadone treatment, diagnosis of disease, duration of treatment, main symptoms of the disease, medication, the prescriber’s license number and his/her address. Furthermore applicants are expected to bring a photograph and a copy of their passport. If the embassy or consulate gives approval to travel all necessary documents will be forwarded to the Drugs Directorate of the
Ministry of Health which names a hospital or physician. Methadone may then be imported but must be handed over to a local hospital doctor or practitioner on arrival.

Contact Address: any embassy or consulate of South Korea