Hong Kong

Hong Kong*

Since summer 1997 Hong Kong is a special administration region of the People’s Republic of China. 

Methadone/Buprenorphine (?) Treatment: available

There are several substitution treatment centers in Hong Kong all of which accept foreign patients for temporary continued dosing. Though not necessarily required, we advise the patient’s home prescriber to contact a clinic in Hong Kong some 4 weeks before the patient’s journey. Since all clinics primarily use methadone it would be important to check whether a clinic also prescribes buprenorphine (Subutex, Suboxone).

General information on substitution treatment is available HERE.

A List of clinics is available HERE.

Importation of Methadone/Buprenorphine/Morphine: possible

The importation of opioids by tourists for their own use during a short stay will be accepted. We are about clarifying the regulations currently effective and will add reliable information as soon as we have reliable info at hand.

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