Methadone Treatment: not available

Theoretically, it would be possible for foreign travellers to receive methadone treatment on a temporary basis. But application and approval procedures appear to be time- and energy-consuming – an unending bureaucratic hurdle race. To obtain further information we recommend intending travellers to contact the Brazilian Ministry of Health (Ministerio da Saude) or a Brazilian embassy or consulate well in advance of their journey.

Importation of Methadone: possible

Methadone patients wishing to bring their medication into Brazil must apply for an import permit at the Ministry of Health (Ministério da Saúde). It is necessary to send in a visa and a letter from the home prescriber detailing the patient’s personal data, diagnosis, time in treatment, total quantity of methadone to be imported, trade name or special preparation, dosage form, international name of active substance, and concentration of active substance.
We strongly advise intending travellers to contact a Brazilian embassy or consulate for assistance.


Contact Address: any Brazilian diplomatic mission or

Ministério da Saúde
Secretaria de Vigilância Sanitaria
Gabinete do Secretário
Esplanada dos Ministério Bl. G. 9° andar 904
CEP 70058-900 Brasilia/DF
Phone: +55 612256056
Fax: +55 61226-9961 or -9903