Methadone Treatment: available

The Substance Misuse Out-Patient Unit at St Luke's Hospital provides medical attention to methadone patients and helps them in continuing with methadone treatment during their stay in Malta. A letter of reference from the prescribing doctor or clinic is required. This letter should include detailed information about the type of drug and dosage, the address of the patient, and the date of arrival and departure. To be accepted for methadone treatment a patient has to register at the Substance Misuse Out-Patient Unit and undergo an interview with the house doctor. Treatment will then be provided as necessary for a minimal fee.

Importation of Methadone: possible

Regarding the importation of methadone, strict procedures have to be followed. Patients have to inform the Department of Customs at least 15 days before arrival in Malta. The Department of Customs requires the dates of arrival and departure, and the quantity of the medicine the patient is to be carrying. On arrival in Malta, the patient is expected to declare his/her medication at Customs and a doctor present will certify that it is for personal use. Further information can be obtained from the Department of Customs.

Contact Addresses:

Substance Misuse Out-Patient Unit
St. Luke's Hospital
Guardamangia Hill
G'Mangia MSD09
Phone: +356 23885300

Fax: +356 21 251161

Department of Customs
Customs House
Valletta CMR 02
Phone: +356-25685119* or -25685172 or -25658185
Fax: +356 25685300*

Any comments and additional information greatly appreciated.
Please address all correspondence to:

Ralf Gerlach
Bremer Platz 18-20
48155 Münster
Phone: +49 251-60123 or +49 2571-582765
Fax: +49 251-666580 or +49 2571-584868

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(this page last revised July 10, 2006)