Methadone Treatment: available

Methadone treatment is available for foreign patients at one hospital in Skopje, provided they carry with them a valid medical certificate from their home prescriber. However, we strongly advise to contact the project manager of the methadone program, Dr. Tulevski, some two weeks before the expected date of arrival in Skopje. Treatment fees vary depending on dosage and possible checkups.

Importation of Methadone: possible

There are no laid down regulations regarding the importation of methadone for personal use, but we would recommend patients to carry with them a notarized letter from their clinic or GP stating identification details, the quantity of methadone, and the dates of arrival in and departure from Macedonia.

Contact Addresses:

Dr. Ivan Tulevski
Project Manager
Methadone Program
Day Hospital for Treatment
and Prevention of Drug Abuse
Ul. Marko Oreskovik 70
Phone: +389 91 781626
Ministerstvo za Zdravstvo
Na Republika Makedonija
(Ministry of Health)
50-TA Divizija B.B.
91000 Skopje
Phone: +389 91113429
Fax: +389 91113014

Please send any comments, corrections or additional info and addresses to:

Ralf Gerlach
Bremer Platz 18-20
48155 Münster
Phone: +49 251 60123 or 234577
Fax: +49 251 234577 or 666580

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(This page last revised June 11, 2000)