Methadone/Buprenorphine Treatment:

Methadone/buprenorphine treatment is available from some 600 drug dependence treatment units (servizio tossicodipendenze - Ser.T.) and general practitioners. Foreign patients are supposed to carry a letter from their methadone/buprenorphine prescriber stating the dose and identification details. Sometimes it might happen that a clinic or GP would not be prepared to respect and follow the directions of the patient's home prescriber. Therefore, methadone/buprenorphine patients wishing to travel to Italy are strongly advised to contact Gruppo S.I.M.S. or Combatt-SITD about two weeks before their prospective date of arrival. They will be of assistance in referring a patient to an appropriate treatment service or GP.

Importation of Methadone/Buprenorphine: possible

Patients from one of the Schengen signatory countries (currently Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway,  Portugal, Spain, Sweden) must carry with them a special form (if available in their country) called "Certification to carry drugs and/or psychotropic substances for treatment purposes - Schengen Implementing Convention - Article 75". Travellers from other countries are advised to carry with them a letter from their prescribing clinic or GP (if possible, translated into Italian).

Contact Addresses:

Gruppo S.I.M.S.
Via Stagio Stagi, 81
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Phone: +39 0584 72600
Fax: +39 0584 735070

Dr. Andrea Michelazzi (Combatt-SITD)
via Lazzaro, 19
34100 Trieste
Phone: +39 040 7600419
Mobile Phone: +39 3472778247
Fax: +39 040 308929 (Combatt-SITD)

Treatment Centers:

Hospitale Sto. Spirito
Burgo Sto. Spirito, 2 (al lado Pza. S. Pedro)
Phone: +39 06 6830742-9
Fax: +39 06 6861061

Villa Maraini
Dr. Rossi
Email: (Attention of Dr. Rossi)

Dr. Giuseppe Cervino
SerT Distretto Saragozza-Porto - AUSL CittÓ di Bologna
Via Busacchi, 10
Phone: +39 051 436326 (personale diretto)
Fax: +39 051 6146120


Dr. Edoardo Polidori
Ser.T. Faenza

(Drug Dependence Unit of Faenza
Outreach Wokers Line - OWL)

Piazza San Rocco, 2
48018 - Faenza (RA)

Phone: +39 0546 602420
Fax: +39 0546 602418

Dr. Spazzapan Bernardo
Drug and Alcohol Unit (Ser.T. Gorizia)
Via Vittorio Veneto 174

31170 Gorizia
Phone: +39 0481 592782
Fax: +39 0481 592781

(Gorizia lies between Trieste and Udine)

ASL CittÓ di Milano:
SERT Albenga and SERT Conca
Director: Maurizio Trombini, MD

Via Albenga 2/A headquarters (near San Siro stadium)
Phone: +39 02 8578 2892
Fax: +39 02 8578 2898

Doctor in charge: Claudio Nicolai
 Opening hours: Mo-Fr from 7.30 to 12.30., closed on weekends (Sat and Sun) and on holidays
Free of charge
(contact details last updated April 20, 2006)

via Conca del Naviglio 45 headquarters (near Porta Ticinese), 
Phone +39 02 8578 2721
Fax +39 02 8578 2739
Doctor in charge: Ms Paola Coppin
Opening hours: Mo-Fr from 7.30 to 12.30; Sat, Sun and holidays from 9.00 to 11.00
Free of charge
(contact details last updated April 20, 2006)

Ser.T. Cosenza
Via Medaglie d'Oro, 28
Phone: +39 0984 411601
Fax: +39 0984 412147
Person to contact: Dr. Magnelli Fernarda
The Ser.T. is situated in the centre of the city. To arrange continued methadone maintenance treatment with
a foreign traveller, the patient's home prescriber is requested to contact the Ser.T. Cosenza by fax and provide the patient's personal data, daily methadone dose and the dates of arrival and departure. When the patient arrives he/she first has to go to Via Medaglie d'Oro 28 (opening hours: Mo-Fr from 8.30 to 12.30). He will then be sent to the methadone clinic (opening hours: Mo-Su 8.30 to 13.00). The clinic requires daily attendance of the patient. Whether take-home dosing is possible should be discussed between the patient's home prescriber and the Ser.T. before the patient's arrival.
There are further drug units (Ser.T.) in the region:
Scalea, Castrovillari, Corigliano Calabro Scalo, Rossano, and Trebisacce. The contact details can be obtained from the SERT Cosenza.

Ser.T. Pizzo
Fon: +39 0963533571

Ser.T. Portoferraio (Elba) 
Phone: +39 0565930871
Fax: +39 0565 915825
Person to contact: Dr. Gasparini

Ser.T. di Trento
Via Gocciadoro n
║  47 / 49
Phone: +39 0461 364777
Fax: +39 0461 364780

Dr. A. Marino Trisolini
Ser.T. Putignano
Via G. Pugliese, 7
70017 Putignano (Ba)
Phone: + 39 080 4050505
Fax: + 39 080 4050501


Dipartimento delle Dipendenze di Bergamo
Via Borgo Palazzo 130
I-24100 Bergamo 
Phone: +39 035 2270374 oder +39 035 2270379
Fax: +39 035 2270393
Head and person to contact: Laura Tidone, MD, Psychotherapist
Opening hours: Mo-Fr from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., at weekends from 7 a.m. to 12 
(no limited dosage, take-home dosing possible if indicated by a patient's home prescriber)
(last checked November 27, 2002)

Ser.T. Civitanova Marche (MC)
Via G. D'Annunzio 43
62012 Civitanova Marche (MC)

Ser.T. Montelepre
Piazza della Vittoria, 14
90040 Montelepre 
Phone/Fax: +39 091 8984659
Montelepre lies some 20 km west of Palermo, Sicily. The centre provides m
ethadone and buprenorphine treatment plus psychological support. The patient's home prescriber is requested to contact the treatment centre by fax, phone or email one or two weeks before a patient's arrival and provide the patient's personal data, daily methadone dose and the dates of arrival and departure. The Ser.T. is free of charge, since it is government-funded. Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 8.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.; Thursday and Tuesday from 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

via R. Sanzio, 4
70014 Conversano
Phone/Fax: +39 080 409 1264
Person to contact: Dr. Enrico Nocera
Email: oder

Dr. Fabrizio Marcolongo
Psychotherapist - Psychiatrist
Phone: +39 3478716700
9/1, Via Amendola
16145 - Genova
Editorial Staff Member of
(last checked Sept. 4, 2002)

A.S.L. 3 - Genova
Addictions Department
Ser.T. Ambito 3
P.zza Dante 5
Phone: +39 0103446010-1-2
Fax: +39 0103446013
Psicoterapeuta - Psichiatra
(last checked Sept. 4, 2002)

Methadone Treatment Centres in the Province of Brescia (as of November 23, 2005):

SER.T. 1 Brescia
Via Foro Boario 4
Phone: +39 030 3839600
Fax: +39 030 23000533

Ser.T. 1 Unit of Zanano die Sarezzo (Valle Trompia)
Via Dante 109
Phone: +39 030 893567
(referrals to be arranged via Ser.T. 1 Brescia)

Ser.T. 1 Unit of Sal˛ (Lago di Garda)
Via Umberto I localitÓ Campoverde
Phone: +39 0365 40144
(referrals to be arranged via Ser.T. 1 Brescia)

SER.T. 2 Brescia
c/o NOA Via Gheda 4
Person to contact: Mariagrazia Fasoli (

Ser.T. 2 Unit of Iseo (Lago di Iseo)
Via Giardini Garibaldi
Phone: +39 030 9887472
Person to contact: Patrizia Furba (

Ser.T. 2 Unit of Chiari
Viale Mazzini 8
Phone: +39 030 7102223
Person to contact: Patrizia Furba via (

Ser.T. 2 Unit of Orzinuovi
Viale Marconi 27
Phone: +39 030 941493
Person to contact: Cecilia Agnelli (

Ser.T. 2 Unit of Leno
Piazza Donatori di Sangue
Phone: +39 030 9078451
Person to contact: Filippo Adami (

Ser.T. 2 Unit of Montichiari
Via Falcone 20
Phone: +39 030 9661288
Person to contact: Lorenzo Colosini (

Additional info on Ser.T. 1 and Ser.T. 2 Brescia:
The treatment centres expect methadone patients to carry with them a letter from their home prescribing GP/clinic providing the patients' personal data (name, home address, etc.), daily dose (in mg), possible dose variations during the stay, and, if a patient is eligible for take home, the number of take-home doses to be given at a time (maximum number of take homes is 8). In addition to the doctor's letter patients have to carry with them a valid identity card or passport. Treatment is free for EU citizens holding an E111 form (issued by their home health insurance company). We strongly advise patients travelling to the province of Brescia to have their home prescribers contact Ser.T. 1 or Ser.T. 2 at least two weeks before their departure.

Please send any comments, corrections or additional info and addresses to:

Ralf Gerlach
Bremer Platz 18-20
48155 MŘnster
Phone: +49 251-234577 or -60123 
Fax: +49 251-2807687 or -666580

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