Burkina Faso


Methadone Treatment: not available

National and/or regional hospitals could continue with the treatment of foreign methadone patients. Since methadone is not available on the local pharmaceutical market the quantity of the substance needed for the period of stay would have to be imported by the Ministry of Health - one has to expect processing times of several months.

Importation of Methadone: possible

In Burkina Faso only the Ministry of Health is authorized to import narcotics. However, there is one exception to this regulation: It is allowed to bring methadone for a short-term stay (a couple of days - probably one week) for personal use as medication. Although not legally mandatory, we strongly advise travellers to carry with them a letter in French from their methadone prescriber attested by a Burkinan diplomatic mission. In case there are patients wishing to stay in Burkina Faso for more than a week they must provide notice to the Burkinan Ministry of Health well in advance of their prospective travel (we would suggest at least 6 months) to provide sufficient time for arrangements to be made to import the quantity of methadone needed. Methadone dispensing would then be handled by a hospital.

Contact Address: any diplomatic mission of Burkina Faso


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